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My name is Tracee Jenkins, and I am a Minnesota jewelry designer from Apple Valley, Minnesota. I have been creating things for as long as I can remember, but jewelry and beads have always been a big part of the mix.

In 1992, I moved to Minnesota upon graduating from the University of California in Irvine. I was working at a law firm and trying to make a little extra income to save money for our first house. I longed for a creative outlet to balance my intellectual day job. At this point I rekindled my love of beads. I have always loved jewelry and appreciate all different styles of jewelry. Jewelry allows you to be a chameleon depending on your mood. Simple & sleek. Grounded and earthy. What do you want to be today?

Since then, my passion for jewelry has grown into something that is a very satisfying part of my life. In the beginning of 2008, I officially turned my passion into a business. Since then I have been focused on expanding my skill and have recently started working with fusing sterling silver and crochet wire in to necklaces.

I draw inspiration from almost everywhere, but there are some central themes that are pretty constant. I love nature. I love sparkly beads. One of my favorite pieces to create is anything that I can wrap in wire. Turning the wire and working with the flow of it is exciting because every creation is unique. This is an art where anything goes and there is no such thing as perfection here. Each piece is perfect in its own way.

I am a self representing artist which means that I create all of my jewelry myself from materials that have been handpicked from responsible suppliers that practice fair trade and provide good working conditions and fair pay to their employees.

I hope you enjoy my store, information and jewelry designs. Please contact me with any custom design inquiries or comments & questions.

Tracee Jenkins

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