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How long will it take to receive my jewelry after I place an order?

It depends on where you live. I ship most items through the US Postal Service one to two days within the time that it is purchased, so within the US you can expect to receive your jewelry within 5 business days of shipment.

Worldwide shipping is a little harder to estimate accurately. Allow a couple of weeks at least when placing an international order.

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Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do.

If you are a current customer of The Black Cat Market, and send another customer to me, simply ask the person you are referring to put a note in the comments box when making their purchase, and I will take 10‰ off of your next order. If you refer 5 people, you will receive 50‰ off of your next order, and so on for a maximum discount of up to $50.00 US Dollars.

Make sure to let your friends know that they have to add you as their referrer in order for you to receive the credit, and I will keep track of it until you are ready to make your next purchase.

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What is Bali Silver?

Bali silver is a handmade product from Bali Indonesia. I order these beads from suppliers that buy them directly from the artisans.

Bali beads are known for their detailed surfaces and high quality. A wide range of designs are available.

A cheaper, lower quality knock off of Bali beads are available, often called Bali-style beads. These beads are an attempt to copy the original artwork of Balinese artisans and offer them at mass-produced prices. The look and feel of these beads in no way compares to the beauty and quality of the real thing. I use only the Authentic Bali silver beads in my designs.

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What is lampwork?

Lampwork is the art of melting glass rods and winding them around a mandrel to form beads. This is a very loose description of lampworking! It really is an amazing art.

All of the lampwork that I use in my designs is purchased from lampwork artists that make their beads with painstaking detail, one at a time. All of these beads are guaranteed to be annealed-which means that they are properly cooled in a kiln to remove stress from the glass and strengthen the beads.

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How do I place a custom jewelry order?

The best way to get a custom jewelry order started is to contact me. Let me know what you need the jewelry for ( bridal jewelry, birthday gift, mens jewelry etc…) and if you have any materials or styles in mind. Also, having some idea what your budget is will help me to alter materials accordingly without compromising the design.

Once I have some idea of what you want, I’ll put together a quote and a basic design set, and once you are happy with everything, I will get the piece put together, and send you a picture for approval.

This process usually only takes a couple of weeks from the first email until I send the final piece out to you, but the time period is subject to a couple of variables such as - level of difficulty (more time required to create), how many pieces are ordered, and the availability of materials - all of which will be communicated to you in the beginning of the process.

We specialize in custom design; let us take the pressure off! Please contact me for more info.

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What are the birthstones by Month?

Month Traditional Zodiac Stone Color
January Garnet Ruby Shades can vary from a brown red to a raspberry red.
February Amethyst Garnet Purple
March Aquamarine/Blue Topaz Amethyst Light blue
April Diamond/White Topaz/Cubic Zirconia Rock Crystal or Bloodstone White
May Emerald Sapphire Pure Green
June Pearl/Alexandrite/Lt Amethyst & Moonstone Agate or Moonstone Off-white
July Ruby Carnelian Red
August Peridot Sardonyx Light green
September Blue Sapphire Lapis Lazuli or Carnelian Deep blue
October Opal or Pink Tourmaline Tourmaline or Peridot Rainbow & Opalescence
November Citrine/Yellow Topaz/Yellow Sapphire Citrine Golden Yellow
December Blue Topaz/Blue Zircon/Turquoise Blue Topaz Light Blue
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