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Bracelet Sizing

When measuring your wrist make sure to use a thin string or a strip of paper to ensure the closest possible measurement. Once that measurement is taken, add 1- 1.25” to it and that is your bracelet size. For children add .5 inches.

  • Petite- 7”
  • Small- 7.25
  • Medium- 7.5
  • Large- 7.75
  • Make 16” slightly longer than choker style. Sits at the collarbone
  • X-large- 8”

Necklace sizing

For necklace sizing, drape a cord or string around your neck to the length that you want your necklace to sit, and then measure the cord.

  • 16” Slightly longer than choker style(sits at the collarbone)
  • 18” The most common length, suits any occasion. Sits between collarbone and breastbone.
  • 20” Matinee length. A more daring length as it catches a lot of attention. Sits at breastbone.

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